Incident Investigation and Forensics


Organizations and Governments are increasingly adopting digital transformation to keep pace with emerging stakeholder demands and to better compete in changing landscape. They are increasingly at risk from exposures that originate from their use of technology. While entities transition through various stages of risk management and cyber security maturity, instances of unplanned events and incidents are still common.

Our spectrum of Incident Investigation and Forensic Services can help to assess and manage events and incidents in organized manner in order to help to minimize business impact, liabilities and to contribute to learning and continual improvement.

We have a pool of various subject matter experts with strong experience which enables to tailor solution to client's requirements.

Our Services Include

  • Event/Incident analysis & assess the need of essential Forensics support
  • Co-ordinate with internal teams of organization to drive the investigation
  • Search Systems for Digital Evidence and trace it through Network/Internet
  • Log Extraction and Analysis
  • Contact Service Providers and obtain relevant evidences
  • Interview suspects & witnesses for Technical Information / Evidences
  • Analysis of Applications and Databases/Datasets in investigation of Financial Fraud cases
  • Evidence Identification & Media Seizure
  • Analysis of Digital Evidences, Documents and other evidences
  • Refer Media to Forensic Labs for imaging and extraction of hidden data
  • Study Forensic Lab Report and understand its relevance in case and give recommendations
  • Liaise with Law Enforcement agencies for Investigation of Cyber Crime cases
  • Facilitate Investigation Officer and advocates in Preparation of case documents
  • Present expert testimony in courts
  • Compliance assessment for critical systems and processes
  • Incident Root Cause analysis and recommendations for Continual Improvement

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